The Festival organizers are excited to offer our own S.T.E.A.M. Tents (STEM+Arts) featuring activities incorporating science, technology, engineering, arts, and/or mathematics especially for youth ages 8-18.

Two large S.T.E.A.M. Tents will be located in the Sculpture Park just north of the Council Chambers! The 2019 Festival will feature a wide variety of activities designed to engage  young people.

If you, your organization or group would like to offer an activity at the 2019 Festival, please send us an email: reddingwewf@gmail.com.


Some of our featured activities from the 2018 Festival included:

Join Turtle Bay Exploration Park as we explore biomimicry with fun and hands-on activities. Decorate a bookmark that gets its color from its structure rather than pigment, much like bird feathers and butterfly wings. Plus, learn how waterproof fabric gets its un-stainable qualities by mimicking the leaves of the lotus plant.




~ Birdhouse Construction:  Come and learn all about the importance of birdhouses to our local and migrating bird friends by members of the Wintu Audubon Society AND then build one to take home!




~ Tapigami:  Tapigami is a self generating, ever expanding, social sculpture which creates the opportunity to refine our interaction between aRt and daily life. Tapigami is the aRt of applying imagination to tape created by artist Danny Scheible. Join Danny at the Festival and let your imagination fly!




~ Spin Art:  Power your own art project!  How much energy does it take to make an amazing piece of art? What happens when you make it spin faster? Slower? Be sure to stop by the STEAM Tent SPIN ART STATION and start creating!



~ This Water Distribution Workshop was developed by the students in the Design-Build Club at the Sycamore Elementary Expanded Learning Program. Plastic containers are reused in this demonstration of water conveyance and water pressure solutions for the complex problem of supplying water to people in Community Redding.

Modern water supply relies on conveyance and pressure solutions. What is Water Conveyance? Learn how water is moved from storage to people in this demonstration engineered by local fifth graders. What is Water Pressure? Play with water pressure using homemade, recycled material tools like Heron’s Continuous Water Fountain.