This project is a collaborative effort by City of Redding and the Shasta Environmental Alliance to help with efforts to reintroduce our native oaks after the devastation of the Carr Fire.


Acorns should be collected from trees between September and November. Candidate trees should be healthy (free from disease, rot, mold, or fungus). Suitable acorns are best harvested directly from the tree or recently fallen. When collecting acorns, determine that they are ripe (easily twist out of acorn caps) and visibly sound. Place acorns in a plastic bag or ziplock. Be sure to leave an air hole, along with a leaf, acorn cap, and twig for easy identification. Do not mix acorns from different types of oaks in the same bag. To ensure environmental compatibility, the program will ONLY accept acorns from the foothills and valley of Shasta County so only native oaks are used in the impacted region.

**Be sure to include a leaf, acorn hat, and twig for identification. Be sure to keep acorns of different types of oak trees in separate ziplock baggies!

Acorns can be dropped off at the Redding Library at 1100 Parkview Ave. during their business hours: Monday–Thursday 10am–8pm; Friday-Saturday 10am–6pm; and Sunday 1pm–5pm.