The 2018 Festival is excited to present the Keynote Theatre offering a series of talks from some of Redding’s community leaders on a range of topics concerning local environmental challenges, developments, and successes, the screening of a documentary exploring the changing culture of the agriculture industry, and the chance to learn about the innovative ideas of a winner of the 2017 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. We invite you to come sit with us throughout the day (11am-5pm) in the Community Room at Redding City Hall to learn, ask questions, and enjoy the popcorn. Get your (free) ticket to any Keynote Theatre event at any City of Redding Booth or at the Festival Information Booth.


City of Redding Presents:

11:00 am – Wastewater and the Urban Watershed (Tracy Wyhlidko, Public Works -Industrial Waste)

11:30 am – Curbside Recycling (Christina Piles, Public Works -Solid Waste)

12:00 pm – Redding’s Sustainable Downtown- Dedicated Bikeways & Transit Plans (Chuck Aukland, Public Works – Engineering)

12:30 pm – The Fire Within – a day in the life of a Firefighter (Fire Chief Gerry Gray)

1:00 pm – Mayor’s Mountain Bike Challenge (City Council Member Brent Weaver)


1:30pm- 2018 Festival Keynote Speaker: C. Mike Lindsey, Co-Founder of Nexloop

                   “Emulating Nature to Build Resilient Design Solutions”

Our Keynote Speaker of 2018 is C. Mike Lindsey, Co-Founder of NexLoop, the innovative team that produced the winning design of the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. Their design, the AquaWeb, was inspired entirely by living organisms and helps urban farmers to collect, store, and distribute rainwater and atmospheric moisture to their crops. Learn more about NexLoop (and past year’s Keynote Speakers) here: Keynote Speakers

NexLoop designed their system to make it locally attuned, adaptable, and self-sufficient. It allows urban local food producers collect, filter, store, and distribute atmospheric moisture with a modular, all-in-one water sourcing and management system. AquaWeb harnesses freely available rain and fog and uses passive strategies to distribute this water so that urban farms, including greenhouses, indoor vertical farms, and container farms, can save energy and become more resilient to disturbances. Each aspect of AquaWeb’s design was inspired by living systems. These include how cribellate orb weaver spider webs collect fog from the air, how drought-tolerant plants like the crystalline ice plant store water, and how mycorrhizal fungi like the Jersey cow mushroom distribute water. The team also looked to the dwarf honey bee’s hexagonal nest structure for AquaWeb’s efficient and modular design.

C. Mike Lindsey is excited to come to the west coast to share his work, network with interested participants and attendees, and learn more about our unique climate characteristics.   Don’t miss this exciting keynote speech on Saturday April 21st at 1:30pm in the Keynote Theater located in the Community Room.

Check out this recent article about C. Mike and hs work: http://www.rochester.edu/pr/Review/V80N3/0602_lindsey.html


3:00pm- KIXE Documentary Screening- Look & See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky

The last Keynote a Theatre event of the day will be a screening of the documentary Look & See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky, which explores the role of the traditional agriculture industry in American Culture, and how changes in modern farming affect our entire nation. You can view the trailer for the documentary here: Look & See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky






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