The Executive Committee is committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering children and adults to engage with the natural world, learn to live in a more sustainable manner, keep informed about environmental and community issues, preserve our vital watersheds, and take a more active role in shaping our local communities. They work collaboratively throughout the year to ensure the success of the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival as an annual community event held on the third or fourth Saturday in April at Redding City Hall and Sculpture Park in Redding.

The event’s purpose is to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and Watershed Awareness Month (May), provide an avenue for education and awareness for community members of all ages, to serve as a place for diverse organizations with a variety of perspectives to engage in positive and constructive dialogue as we move our region to one that embraces a more sustainable future, and to be a community celebration of social, economic, and environmental solutions for our planet while enhancing the heath and livability of our region.

The make up of the Executive Committee is a reflection of their understanding of what it means to be a sustainable community:  a community where social, economic, and environmental issues and solutions are viewed as interconnected.

Healthy People• Healthy Communities • Healthy Planet

2018 Executive Committee members:
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