The 2018 Eco Fashion show was a huge success we will have more information for you about how and when to sign up November 1st 2018.

U P C Y C L I N G + T R A S H I O N S U S T A I N A B L F A B R I C  D E S I G N S

 You can participate in the 2019 Whole Earth Eco Fashion Show happening  at the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival at Redding City Hall and Sculpture Park on Saturday April 20th Ages 12+
More information will be released November 1st 2018

2019 Whole Earth and Watershed Festival Fashion Show Guidelines

The theme of the 2019 Whole Earth Festival is “Celebrate Healthy Planet, Healthy Living, Healthy Communities”

Submissions for the show must be limited to the following categories:

* Upcycling~ The art of making new, one of a kind creations by combining and using existing items from your closet, your friends, the thrifts store, garage sales etc.

* Trashion~ Wearable creations and statement pieces made incorporating items that would otherwise be headed to the trash or recycle bin.

** Submissions in both of these categories must contain some materials that have already been used before and are now being re-used or re-purposed. They should not be made of disposable items that are on their 1st and only use (i.e., no garments made entirely from new disposable plastic cups or bags that are straight from a package and onto the garment). The purpose is to demonstrate keeping things out of the waste system by creatively re-using them in different ways and giving them a new life.

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* Eco Friendly Fashion~ Beyond just inspired by nature, we are looking for designs that incorporate processes and techniques that use natural materials, and/or reduce environmental damage in some way. Some ideas include using organic fibers or non- chemical dyes, recycled fabrics, etc. Let us know what makes your design “eco friendly” and how it fits the theme of the show.

-Designers and makers will be responsible for providing their own model (this can be yourself, friend or family member- all ages and body types welcome.)

-Designers will also be responsible for providing their own hair and makeup for their models, however, a natural “no-makeup” look is welcome as well.

Questions?  Get in touch: info@reddingfashionalliance.org 530-276-0458