Join us for BUS-TA-MOVE! Let’s kick up our heels for public transportation in the North State! Start the party at the Downtown Transit Center and ride RABA for FREE to BUS-TA-MOVE at the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival.

What’s happening at BUS-TA-MOVE?

There are loads of activities you can take part in:

  • Dance at the Public DANCEportation party
  • Build a miniature solar-powered bus at the S.T.E.A.M. Tent
  • Take a bus-themed photo at the photo booth in the main BUS-TA-MOVE area
  • Watch a special presentation “BUS-TA-MOVE Californi-Yeah!” at the Keynote Theatre at 2 p.m.
  • Participate in the Wheels on the Bus activity in the Children’s Reading Zone
  • Discover bus services in the region and how you can use them in the main BUS-TA-MOVE area
  • Get the chance to win a California Rail Pass, including Thruway Bus service

BUS-TA-MOVE will showcase both existing and planned public transportation, like the upcoming Salmon Runner electric-powered bus service between Redding and Sacramento.

Where will BUS-TA-MOVE be located?

You can’t miss us: BUS-TA-MOVE ~ Booth 800~ will be located on the west side of the main City Hall building, behind the Miracle Mile Stages.

Why the bus?

Public transportation is a key part of the transportation system in the North State. By riding the bus, you can …

  • Get to local businesses
  • Get to regional destinations
  • Save money
  • Do other things on the way, like reading, watching videos, or getting work done
  • Get physical activity, by walking to and from the bus stop
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Not worry about parking
  • Get to know the community