The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival Organizing Committee is committed to promoting science and environmental education. The Festival seeks to honor exemplary educators and local classes, youth groups or clubs through our annual Environmental Stewardship Awards.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award Winners! 

Aura Weinstein

Aura has been exceptional in her commitment to her students. She has planted a school orchard, and has a class garden that she takes care of with her students. When the fruits and vegetables are big enough, they are available as a salad bar to the rest of the school! Many students eat the school lunches and they now have healthy choices because of the salad bar! Aura’s students are able to feel the accomplishment of helping to feed their fellow classmates. Aura leads by example, showing the kids how much better a healthy lifestyle is for themselves as well as the planet.

Kathy Hill

Kathy has been a field instructor at the Whiskeytown Environmental School for over 10 years. Throughout those years, she has shown an extraordinary  commitment to sustainability through her leadership at WES! She teaches her students how to appreciate our planet and empowers them in land stewardship. In addition, Kathy has also motivated the local area to support WES by founding the non-profit WES Community. Kathy is a true community and sustainability hero!

Laura Bowie

Laura has dedicated her entire career to promoting environmental and science literacy. She has accomplished many projects, and continues to provide opportunities each year for her students to experience and learn about nature and the environment. Her projects have included: raising and releasing trout in the classroom to educate students about fisheries, water quality, fish biology, and ecosystem health; bringing Americorp Volunteers and Department of Fish and Wildlife staff to campus to teach kids how to leave no trace while on their weekly field studies; annually engaging her students in various citizen science projects such as the Backyard Bird Count; organizing a mountain bike ride for all the middle school students; and finding a habitat restoration project for her students to engage in so they can make a lasting contribution to improving the planet. She is amazing with the kids, forming deep personal relationships with them. She is passionate about her subject and imparts that passion to her students.

Sara Hoxie

Sara has made a decades long commitment to helping make Chrysalis Charter School’s vision of a science/nature school a reality. She has helped to train their teachers in taking their students on nature studies out in the field by accompanying them out into nature, sharing techniques and knowledge, assembling resources, guiding their annual raft trips, researching new sites, announcing opportunities, and mentoring the teachers so they feel confidence to being open to all of the things nature can teach us. Sara also shares her music with Chrysalis students. Sara is an exemplary educator who shares her

Design-Build Club of the Sycamore Elementary Expanded Learning Program

Students in the Design-Build Club learn and apply the basics of the Design Process to design solutions for their neighborhood. This club meets continuously throughout the school year during after school program hours. The Design Process requires the students (Grades 2nd thru 5th) to define the problem before starting design, build, and testing. Early in the learning process, students realized attempts to change the problem to fit their solutions left them without a solution for the problem.

Two Design-Build Club projects are highlighted:

  1. Water Distribution Workshop is currently being worked on by students demonstrating how water is supplied to people in Redding.The Water Distribution Workshop is providing an opportunity for even more students to work together to demonstrate the modern water solutions they are learning about.
  2. City Street Workshop was completed in January with a walking field trip accompanied by City of Redding engineers and Healthy Shasta educators. Students learned map -making skills and street improvement methods for pedestrian and cyclist safety. Students then led the engineers and educators on a tour of their school neighborhood citing obstacles their peers walk by or through on their way to school.

The City Streets Workshop provided an opportunity for fourteen students to speak directly with COR engineers and Health Shasta educators. The fourteen students worked very together on the day of the walking field trip and the meetings leading up to the field trip.

Weed Elementary School Green Team

The Weed Elementary School Green Team’s goal is to be recycle friendly, to teach our youth the importance of taking care of our school & environment, and to help the needy. Students collect recyclables from the elementary school and the community and volunteer on weekends to help take the containers for redemption. 100% of the recycling funds is donated to a non-profit organization Refood Philippines which provides food for children in Lemery Pilot Elementary School. One dollar will feed one child.

Each student in the Green Team has the opportunity to interact with a pen pal from Lemery Pilot School.

The Green Team also maintains the school garden and donates the produce to the local food bank. Students also volunteer at the food bank located across the street from the elementary school. This program is an open a platform for our students to learn more about the cultures they interact with. Students will be fundraising for an eventual trip to the Philippines to meet the children they sponsor. This is an ongoing project that will continue indefinitely.Students volunteer their time to work in the garden, collect recyclables from the campus, special events, and the community. They also volunteer on weekends to redeem recyclables.

These awards are sponsored by the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival The California Teachers Association, and Renew Dermatology and Laser Center.