If you would like your business to be considered as a Food Vendor at the 2018 Whole Earth and Watershed Festival please fill out the form below.


If you’d rather print one out and send it in to us, follow the link below to download a printable copy of the form.

email it to reddingwewf@gmail.com OR
FAX to 530-242-1182 OR
mail to: First United Methodist Church • 1825 East St. Redding, Ca. 96001


Food Vendor Application Deadline is Friday April 6, 2018  
$35.00 late fee for Applications received after April 6, 2018
Cost: $125 (non-refundable)
No applications will be accepted after April 13th.
Food Vendor Information: 

1. The City of Redding only allows the selling of items including food and drinks in the “Sculpture Park” so we will be locating your booth accordingly. Plan on a 12×12 space. If you need more please let us know.

2. You will need: a) to fill out a temporary Sales Tax Permit (free) with the State Board of Equalization (on Churn Creek)  or have a Sales Tax Permit on file; b) a current food safety certification or temporary permit from Environmental Health displayed at your booth; c) If you are using a BBQ to be sure you are in compliance with any City Fire regulations; d)  your own booth set-up including table(s); e) Copy of your valid Certificate of Insurance with your Application for our files.

Temporary Seller's Permit


3. We are striving to be a zero waste event so we hope that you will be as eco-conscious as possible in the ways you prepare and serve any food or drinks. Please no Styrofoam and consider using compostable plates, cups, and silverware available at Cash and Carry among other places.

4. The Planning Committee will work with you to ensure that the individual needs for your booth are met. Please be sure to indicate any special needs on your Application i.e. BBQ, electricity, etc. We will be working closely with the City Fire Chief and Environmental Health to ensure all of the City regulations are in compliance.

5. Event takes place rain or shine and we recommend having a canopy for your comfort.  Per City Rules: the canopy cannot be staked so they must be secured (if needed) by anchoring it with a weighted object.

6. Please indicate if you have special needs for set-up access. Most other Exhibitors will begin arriving by 9:00am.

Food Vendor Application
First and Last
Indicate space needed, BBQ, electricity, etc.
Non-Refundable. Please send your check in separately from this form. The application will not be considered complete until we receive your payment. Please make checks out to "Whole Earth and Watershed Festival," with "2018 Food Vendor" in the memo. The mailing address is: First United Methodist Church 1825 East St. Redding, California 96001 . *NOTE*: All fees paid are used solely for the WEWF and are in no way connected to the FUMC. For questions contact Peggy Rebol at (530) 243-2403 (wk), (530) 515-2151 (cell) or Email: reddingwewf@gmail.com
We would appreciate your letting us know if you have to change your plans to be at the Festival ASAP as space is reserved for you when you register! Since this is a not-for-profit event, we would appreciate your efforts to advertise and support this event through any contacts, customers, employees, or constituents you may have! Help spread the word about this event by finding us on Facebook and be sure to “like us”! We will have flyers available for the event in March at www.wholeearthandwatershedfestival.org.