Environmental Stewardship Awards

North State Residents: Do you know someone who loves the environment, speaks for the plants and animals, and has made a difference in a school, a classroom, or in our community? They might just be the recipient of our first annual Environmental Stewardship Awards, which recognize local leaders who promote environmental stewardship through education and action.

Environmental Stewards are exemplary classes, teachers, and individual students who have shown initiative in their schools and who take conservation into their own hands. They demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and a vision for a greener future, and serve as an example in their community.

2018 nominations will include the following categories:

Class Award

This honors a class (K-12), club, or youth group, that has changed the eco ethos of their school or organization, protected the environment, and influenced their community.

Teacher Award

This honors the achievements of a teacher who has made significant contributions to educating and impacting youth, who has inspired their class and/or school through teaching and action. Examples could include caring for a school garden, starting a composting program, and conducting special environmental projects or programs with their class.

Student Award

This goes to a student, grade K- 12, who has committed their time to care for the environment and has encouraged others in their community to do the same.


The winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award will receive recognition at the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival for their outstanding efforts. They will have the opportunity to have a booth or present an informational poster at the Festival, to create a post on the Festival’s website, and to share their ideas/projects with other schools and students who want to follow their example as a leader in environmental sustainability.

How do I nominate someone?

Submission of your nominations will be accepted between November 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018. All nominations will be reviewed by the executive committee, and the winners will be notified by March 31, 2018. Presentations will take place at the Festival on April 21, 2018.



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