Festival Highlights Innovators!

Innovators are powering incredible changes across the globe, helping all of us to re-imagine and re-think how we live and the everyday objects we use in an effort to curb our consumer driven “throw-away” habits and ensure a healthy tomorrow for everyone and our planet. Things like: weatherizing your home for the best energy conservation, tree pruning and native lanscaping; composting, emission-free transportation; backyard beekeeping, innovative alternative energy options; and urban tree projects. This year the Festival is excited to offer a full day of innovative projects and ideas presented by inspiring speakers. A full schedule of topics and presentors will be available in early April.


The Whole Earth Innovation Tent will be located on the east side of the Scuplture Park north of the Council Chambers

Here are a few of the presenters featured at the Innovator Tent:

Sourcetainable:  We Are An Alternative Everything Startup: Peopled with a consortium of scientists, engineers, artists, and builders setting about to conceive and construct better solutions for the planet’s most pressing needs, water, shelter, and energy by resourcing first world technologies mixed with real world experiences then grafted to developing world realities to inspire attainable sustainable quality of life enhancements for the planet.

   City of Redding Utilities:  Bringing an exciting wide range of presentations to the Innovation Tent designed to help people better use their energy, water, lighting, and food garbage to make a positive difference for themselves and the planet! They will have a tree give-away as well as a light exchange:  10 incandescent for 10 LED!!







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