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The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival is an annual, community-wide celebration of Earth Day featuring activities, exhibits, live music, and local food that will delight and inspire people of all ages.  This annual event demonstrates our commitment as both individuals and as a community to work together for the health and livability of the north state region and our planet.

This event, now in its 11th year, is organized by a group of businesses, non-profits, and community organizations who volunteer their time to ensure the success of this event.  The Festival takes place each year on the 4th Saturday of April.  The focus of the Festival is 3 fold: a) to promote healthy living; b) to build healthy communities; and c) to restore a healthy planet.   IMG_4025

 The Festival features over 150 Exhibitors including businesses, non-profits, government agencies, community groups, local artists, and educational organizations, each of which is actively engaged in at least one of the 3 major areas of focus at the Festival.  Each year, the organizers actively seek new exhibitors from our north state region and beyond to give attendees the broadest possible exposure to innovative ideas and products.

2017 Festival Map

In addition to our Exhibitors, the Festival features local food vendors and a Beer Garden with local craft beers and wines near the main stage.  The music at the Festival is incredible and is fast becoming a renowned music festival in its own right. This year there will be continuous live music on 2 stages.

This year the Festival is expanding to include a special Presentation Tent with informative and innovative speakers throughout the day. There will also be a STEAM Tent with hand’s-on activities designed to engage young people ages 10-18. Make plans to visit the Festival on Saturday April 22, 2017

Save the Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017 | Earth Day

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Sustainability at the Festival

recyclingAs the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival organizers, we pride ourselves on making this one of the most unique, green, and sustainably-minded annual events in the North State and we seek to improve every year. Our noteworthy efforts include:

  • We strive to be as close to zero waste as possible.  We ensure that recycling receptacles are made available and that the Festival’s waste is sorted and taken to the Transfer Station. 
  • We work to reduce plastic consumption by encouraging the use of reusable water bottles and by providing water refill stations throughout the Festival.  The cups provided at the water coolers and our Beer Garden are compostable.
  • Our free bike corral provided by the Shasta Wheelmen Bike Club allows festival goers to ride to the event, reducing gas consumption, energy use, and traffic, while also serving as an opportunity for families and individuals to get some healthy exercise.
  • Each year we partner with the Redding Area Bus Authority to provide free transportation to the Festival! RABA provides a Free Event Shuttle from the downtown terminal to Redding City Hall and Sculpture Park. We strongly encourage vendors and attendees to take advantage of these green transportation options. 

With an event of this size, we recognize that there will be environmental impacts regardless of how much we try.  We hope that our celebration of Earth Day is inclusive, engaging, and educational for our vibrant community.  If you have suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know!  

Join us and take advantage of all the Festival has to offer.  Find us on Facebook or email us at reddingwewf@gmail.com

Healthy Living • Healthy Communities • Healthy Planet

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